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Nanjangud Tooth Powder 100g Re-Fill Pack (saltish)

Nanjangud Tooth Powder 100g Re-Fill Pack (saltish)

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Nanjangud tooth powder is the world's 1st and only dentifrice that is sustainable environmentally and biologically. 

Features of Nanjangud Tooth powder 100g:

  • made from paddy husk ash and essential oils (clove, peppermint, menthol, eucalyptus)
  • no extra and artificial ingredients/excipients
  • vegan
  • kid-friendly and completely safe to swallow
  • fluoride-free
  • non-foaming
  • sustainable formulation
  • re-fill pack

Benefits of Nanjangud Tooth powder:

  • cleans teeth safely by removing plaque
  • helps in maintain and improvement of gum health 
  • effective in all kinds of tooth stain and tartar removal
  • keeps the breath fresh

Instructions for Nanjangud Tooth powder:

  • use it with finger or soft-toothbrush only
for all ages (incl. kids) for kids
SIZE COMPARISON 18g Pouch 75g Bottle
packaging gets wet in bathroom surroundings  water-proof
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