AI version of founder’s writing: Why you should stop using your toothpaste and switch to toothpowder.

AI version of founder’s writing: Why you should stop using your toothpaste and switch to toothpowder.

(note: the following is an AI version of the founder's writing on why one human being on planet earth should choose a toothpowder as their primary form of dentifrice, over a toothpaste. Here is a link to the original founder's version)


Childhood memories often lead us to unexpected paths of discovery. A simple observation about single-use products ignited a curiosity within me, eventually leading to an in-depth exploration of oral hygiene during my academic journey. Today, I write this piece to share my research on the superiority of toothpowder over toothpaste. Join me as I unravel the compelling reasons why you should consider switching to toothpowder for your oral care routine.

The Quest for a Eubiotic Oral Cavity:

In my pursuit of developing innovative mouthwash sachets, I delved into extensive research on oral hygiene and the oral microbiome. This exploration revealed a fascinating truth—the human oral cavity experiences a state of dysbiosis throughout the day, caused by food consumption and the subsequent proliferation of oral microorganisms.

To achieve a balanced and healthy oral environment, the elimination of food particles and the maintenance of an alkaline state are vital.

This revelation led me to question the efficacy of existing mouthwash brands, as I discovered that their acidic pH levels were counterproductive to promoting oral health. Intrigued by this revelation, I began to question the primary oral care product we all use—toothpaste.

Unveiling the Dentifrice Dilemma:

Dentifrice, the substance used to clean teeth, exists in two main forms—toothpaste and toothpowder. Interestingly, toothpowder predates toothpaste, with different regions around the world developing their own local toothpowders using various substances like bones, hoofs, shells, and charcoal. These materials were finely ground into a powder and applied to the teeth using one's finger. As industrialization progressed, toothpowder was transformed into toothpaste for the sake of convenience, altering its formulation in the process.

The Hidden Pitfalls of Toothpaste:

Unfortunately, toothpaste manufacturers failed to fully grasp the implications of this transformation. Converting toothpowder into toothpaste required the addition of non-inert excipients such as fluoride, binders, surfactants, humectants, and preservatives. Given the high absorption capacity of the oral cavity, these unnecessary ingredients enter the bloodstream, potentially causing cellular damage. Cells, the fundamental units of life, form the basis of our existence, and compromising their integrity poses a risk to our overall well-being.

The True Purpose of Dentifrice:

The ideal dentifrice should serve as a mediator between the brush/finger and the teeth, facilitating the removal of dental plaque, neutralizing oral microbiome-generated lactic acids, and gently polishing the teeth. Teeth cleaning involves a combination of mechanical and chemical actions, with the toothbrush/finger providing the mechanical aspect, and the dentifrice acting chemically. The dentifrice's primary function is to minimize friction, preventing enamel damage. Consequently, a toothpaste's extensive array of chemically synthesized compounds, some of which are known to be neurotoxic, becomes entirely unnecessary. In reality, all you truly need is a simple ingredient like burnt ash.

Embrace a Superior Choice: Nanjangud Toothpowder

With the realization of toothpaste's superfluous chemical ingredients, it's time to transition to a more natural, sustainable and effective alternative—Nanjangud Toothpowder. Made from carefully selected ingredients, like paddy husk, Nanjangud Toothpowder offers a minimalist approach to oral care, focusing on the essentials. By replacing your toothpaste with Nanjangud Toothpowder, you can optimize your oral hygiene routine and embrace a healthier, more sustainable option.


The journey from a childhood observation to a profound understanding of oral health has led me to advocate for the use of toothpowder over toothpaste. As we strive for a eubiotic oral cavity, it becomes evident that the simplicity and efficacy of toothpowder surpass the unnecessary complexities of toothpaste. Embrace the wisdom of traditional dentifrice and join the revolution with Nanjangud Toothpowder. Make the switch today for a healthier, more natural approach to oral care. #RYTwithNTP

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